Mr. Mantastic nominees announced during annual Talent Show

By Olivia Nouriani

Staff Writer

Photos by Tiger Staff

A variety of student performances and Commissioner of Spirit, Samantha Lee’s announcement of this year’s Mr. Mantastic nominees, lit the auditorium at the annual Talent Show Assembly on Friday, February 20.


The show opened with juniors Maaike Wielenga and Maia Thomas performing “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat” from The Aristocats, Wielenga on clarinet and Thomas on flute. Helen Yip and Jessica Lopez took the stage with solo dance routines, and sophomore Cindy Tsai gave a solo vocal performance. Andrew Cuyegkang performed an orginal piano composition, Katerina Levandis and Karen Zhu sang “Skinny Love” accompanied by piano, and Raj Jain and Julian Pelino played guitar alongside vocalist Gwen Lester. Drew Hodis and Abraham Szilagyi performed on piano and vocals before Lee announced the nominees.


Advanced Dance ended the assembly performing a routine to Back to Black. Each grade’s “Mr. Mantastic” will be announced next Wednesday at noontime. Winners of the talent show, with a cash prize of $120, will be announced on Monday.


Mr. Mantastic Nominees:

Freshman- Will Hoadley-Brill, David Seo and Chenming Yan

Sophomores- Sandy Grossman, Ken Iwane, Kevin Park and Carl Rasmussen

Juniors- Sheldon Chen, Dashel Murawski and Manuel Rios

Seniors-  Andrew Cuyegkeng, Adam Espinoza, Jonathan Gladding, Oscar Jaime III, Brandon Kim, Julian Lopez, Nayad Salim, Brandon Shahniani, Andrew Shults, and Jordan Xiao