Mediators host first finger-painting stress relief

Written by Sammy Park
Senior Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Maddie Pearson

The SPHS Peer Mediators hosted their first finger painting workshop Wednesday, October 25 as their third activity in their stress relief series. Students from all grades gathered in the SPHS art room to relieve stress, painting independently and in collaboration.

“I attended the workshop because my friends wanted to, but I ended up having a lot of fun,” junior Maylis Whetsel said.

Using three colors, students painted a large piece of butcher paper labelled with the phrase “love always.” In addition to providing the set mural, attendees created their individual art pieces as well.

“[It’s] really important [for] students to have a chance to reduce stress, unwind, and try a new stress relief tactic that they can do on their own when feeling stressed at other times,” senior mediator Maddie Pearson said. “Lunchtime workshops utilize free time that students may not have outside of the school day to de-stress and feel better going into the last classes of the day.”

The Mediators’ next event is a second ‘Yoga with Jaroch’ on Wednesday, November 8.

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