Locker room broken into during game; suspect unidentified

By Alex Nakagawa

Staff Writer

A robbery occurred during the varsity football game against the Glendale Nitros tonight when an unidentified male entered the open door of the football team’s locker room. The players were the first to discover the scene after their victory, which prompted the help of police and head coach Marty Konrad.

According to the police, the burglar cut the locks off of the lockers to obtain multiple cell phones, wallets and ID cards.

A witness, who requested to remain anonymous, claims he saw the suspect jump over the railings that divide the field and stands towards the end of halftime as players walked back onto the field. The witness did not report his suspicion, however.

“My message would be: see something, say something. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s okay to go to an authority and say something,” Principal Ms Janet Anderson said.

The players have been advised by the police to file reports of their stolen items, as police wait for more details of the suspect to release to the public.

The South Pasadena Police Department has asked for descriptions of the suspect. Any witnesses who have any information regarding the incident can reach the department at (626) 403-7270.