Kelley’s Kookies cuts ribbon in Fair Oaks grand opening

Written by Raymond Yeo 
Staff Writer

Photo by Tony Chen
Staff Photographer

South Pasadenans joined Kelley’s Kookies at its grand opening celebration on Saturday, August 18th. The city’s newest sweet shop specializes in handcrafted shortbread cookies and aims to help satiate sweet tooths around town.

Recently relocated from the Santa Anita Mall, Kelley’s Kookies seeks to pursue their long-held slogan at its newest location: Spreading joy and celebration one cookie at a time.

“Our main kitchen is in Stanton, which is a small city like South Pasadena, and its been running for over 15 years,” Kelley’s Kookies president Jimmy Ly said. “We want to take the same successful approach in South Pasadena by building strong, first name basis relationships with the community.”

Once speeches were delivered and ribbons were cut, the store was opened to the public. Kelley’s Kookies’ modern and clean interior was topped with green balloons and immersed with the sound of live guitar and song. Cookies lined the back and front walls while quaint circular tables exhibited an assortment of tea, generating an illusion of ample shopping room.

Kelley’s Kookies features a variety of desserts and signature cookies. The store is buy-and-go based, as indicated by the limited seating inside and prepackaged cookies and tea. There are also many options to purchase in bulk for larger events and customizable gift boxes are available too.

“We’ve worked with many schools in the past and have found lots of [fundraising] success,” said Ly. “We’d love to meet with the student body in the district and talk about potential fundraising opportunities.”

The store is located at 440 Fair Oaks Ave and is open everyday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information about the menu or potential fundraising opportunities visit

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