Grad Nite committee holds meeting to discuss venue

By Sammy Park
Staff Writer

Photo by Hana Tyszka
Senior Staff Photographer

The Grad Nite committee, comprised of both students and parents, met on Wednesday, September 28th at local restaurant, Carrows. At the meeting, Grad Nite Committee Chair, Ms. Helga Kuhn presented about the history of Grad Nite. The presentation covered the philosophy and tradition of Grad Nite as well as the financial aspects of the celebration.

Ms Kuhn went over this year’s Grad Nite surveys given to current seniors. She covered the process of confirming or rejecting a Grad Nite venue by the PTSA. Several venues like Disneyland and Universal Studios were offered, with both benefits and drawbacks.

“We have a really good, energetic group of students. They are working hard to make the best Grad Nite possible,” Ms Kuhn.

Since the location is undecided, parents and students were given a group activity to present a possible venue. Attendants broke out into small groups where they decided which venue that students would most enjoy and what their reasons were for picking it.

“We want to choose a venue that people want to go to and have activities that we would really be interested in, which is why they want to push for another survey,” senior Sophia Gerodíaz said.

Currently, the Grad Nite committee is making surveys and holding meetings but also hope to increase student participation in surveys.

“We’ve gotten a lot of input from the senior class and the committee is determined to make sure our voices are heard. Hopefully we’ll see more parents and students attending future meetings so we can incorporate all their suggestions,” senior Maren Bender said.

If you would like to take the survey, click here.

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