Girls’ soccer falls to Moors in first game of the season

By Marion Wood

Staff Writer

In their first game of the season, the South Pasadena High School girls’ soccer team fell to Alhambra High School 2-1.

Alhambra started off strong, showcasing controlled passes and ball skills. Its powerful offense scored in the beginning of the first half. Undeterred, the Tigers responded within minutes with a strong goal by sophomore Faye Witherall. The team continued the momentum on both offense and defense, with highlight performances by many different players.

“Olivia Chu was really solid on defense and made it difficult for Alhambra’s offense to break through,” Witherall said. “Also, Alyssa Carlos was great at forward and made some impressive passes.”

Unfortunately, the Tigers were not able to carry the energy into the second half. The players lacked a team dynamic, and had trouble connecting passes and plays. The heavy rain also added to the messy level of play, allowing the Moors to score and take the win.

“We haven’t played together before and a lot of us were still learning our positions, so it was a little rough,” senior Julia Primuth said.

Despite the loss, many of the players are still optimistic about the season.

“Today’s game was one of the first we had all played together as a full team, and even though we’re disappointed about the score, we’re still optimistic about the rest of the season,” Witherall said. “We definitely had a few problems today that we’ll address in practice soon, but it should be a good season!”

The Tigers are looking forward to their next home game on Thursday, December 5, against Flintridge Prep at 3:30 p.m.