Girls’ golf leads the first round of the Montview playoffs

Photos by Tucker Judkins 
Contributing Photographer 

The girls’ golf team dominated the first round of the Montview league finals on Tuesday October 17, sending three individual athletes to round two. Senior Bethany Chen and sophomore Victoria Tskvitichvili tied for first in the league, with stroke counts of 38 each. Sophomore Lindsey Biggar narrowly advanced into the next round of competition with a score of 49, just reaching the match’s cutoff point. Senior Nicole Srisutham and freshmen Katherine Anthony and Christine Mao came close to the cutoff point as with 51, 50, and 55, respectively.

The Tiger’s have taken their place at the top of the league, but their next challenge will be perhaps the most difficult of the season. What awaits the top three athletes on the team is a full sized 18-hole match in which the best athletes from the Montview league compete for the individual title of league champion. The three teammates who advanced had been neck and neck for the entire season, and now are excited to fight to become league champion.

“As a team we did well, especially for a course with such tiny greens,” Chen said, “and moving forward, I hope SPHS can send at least one of us to individual CIF.”

The top three Tigers are currently preparing for the final battle of the season, hoping achieve victory in individual competition.

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