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Story by Eddie Zhou
Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy of FitSport Kinetics 

SPHS athletes and community members have turned to local training facility FitSport Kinetics in order to improve their athletic abilities. Located in Pasadena, FitSport Kinetics aims to raise athletes’ physical performance in their respective fields, offering a wide variety of group classes and individualized exercise programs to both adults and young athletes.

The gym provides athletes with the opportunity to work with certified strength and conditioning specialists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and nutritionists, who formulate workouts and regimens that work on a variety of fitness aspects. These workouts are meant improve an athlete’s speed, agility, conditioning, and strength, with some workouts training all aspects of an athlete’s fitness and others tailored specifically toward a certain area of growth.

The athletic facility also offers combat sports and self- defense classes, which cover kickboxing and muay thai. The gym can also be rented out for private parties.

For senior Amar Ebrahim, who will compete in track and field for Occidental College in the fall, working with the coaches at FitSport Kinetics has allowed him to improve and understand his athletic abilities as he hopes to translate his success competing with SPHS to his competitions at Occidental College.

“It’s been great to continue training for our track season with the help of Coach Alfredo and Coach Drew, who provide detailed and effective training programs for me,” Ebrahim said. “I train on the outdoor turf, typically focusing on movements specific to track: single leg romanian deadlift, Bulgarian split squat, deadlift, etc, and I’ve 100 percent gotten stronger as well as more explosive after going to Fitsport Kinetics. I have also gained a better understanding of strength and conditioning as a whole, which I can take with me to sports at the collegiate level.”

Senior Khalil Murdock has also experienced noticeable improvements in his fitness and strength after training at FitSport, citing the expert and individual attention from trainers as particularly effective in allowing him to become a more competitive athlete.

“I would definitely recommend athletes to work out at Fitsport Kinetics,” Murdock said. “The trainers there

have allowed me to become a better athlete by helping me become a lot stronger. They curate workouts specifically for me and my fitness goals, and since I began working out with them, I have been able to increase my base strength and my agility and coordination as well. I believe it’s a great option if you want to become more fit or excel in your sport.”

As of Monday, July 13, 2020, Fitsport Kinetics reopened from lockdown and has since lowered the enrollment capacity for each class and incorporated COVID-19 health guidelines. Athletes have their temperature checked before entering and follow COVID-19 health guidelines during workouts.

Training takes place outdoors while wearing masks at all times as well as maintianing six feet of social distance. Amidst the pandemic, Fitsport Kinetics has continued to provide training sessions and classes, which is particularly important for those hoping to improve their skills during the offseason.

A single session costs $25 and prices vary depending on the type of class and number of sessions. Those interested can find more information on the FitSport Kinetics’ website.

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