First round of class office voting results announced after school

By Cole Cahill

Assoc. Feature Editor

Photo by Brian Kojima

Freshmen, sophomores and juniors participated in class elections today. Each class held separate candidate speech assemblies, and seniors met on the Tiger Patio to discuss graduation and scholarships. Voting began after the assemblies. Each class voted for a president, Vice President, secretary, and treasurer for the upcoming school year. However, there were no candidates for the sophomore class treasurer. Applications for the position will be available in the in the coming weeks.

Runoff elections will continue throughout next week with another round of voting on Friday, May 20.

Officers were elected as follows:

Sophomore Officers:

President: Jessica Lopez

VP: Lauren Kafkaloff

Secretary: Caleb Waters


Junior Officers:

President: Runoffs between Jazzy Cheng, Stephanie Parish, and Brandon Zhu

VP: Runoffs between Kenny Ryu and Christy Yu

Secretary: Nicole Srisutham

Treasurer: Scott Na


Senior Officers:

President: Runoffs between Katherine Conte and Ken Iwane

VP: Anissa Santos

Secretary: Runoffs between Robert Decker and Kevin Huang

Treasurer: Sophia Gerodiaz