FBLA receives top marks at Gold Coast leadership conference

Story by Kimberly Hsueh
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Gabriel Tom

The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) 2020 Gold Coast Leadership Conference took place at South Pasadena High School on Saturday, Feb. 21. 18 schools attended the eight-hour event, which concluded with the Awards of Excellence Program in the auditorium.

FBLA competitors presented projects, held panel interviews, and took part in public speaking events in front of a panel of judges, competing in different areas such as business, including accounting, finance, and entrepreneurship. 

Competitors could also participate in workshops and activities organized by the South Pasadena SkillsUSA chapter, such as writing cards for veterans and completing an escape room puzzle. Moreover, the FBLA Section Officers hosted Trading Turnaround, which maximized their conference experience by providing insight on developing skills to become a successful business leader. 

This year, four teams and one individual from South Pasadena placed within the top six in the following categories: business law, marketing, sports and entertainment management, securities and investment, management decision making, entreupenurship, personal finance, global business.

Junior Jason Kim attended multiple events during the conference, while also placing in multiple competitions including securities and investment and management decision making.

“Personally, I had a really great time at the conference,” Kim said. “I got to network and meet a lot of new people from outside of our school and I think learning how to network in a professional setting was a very valuable experience.”

FBLA competitors who have placed within the top six in their category will advance to the next round in Ontario.

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