Brian Solinksy appointed as first deputy chief of South Pas

Story by Haelee Kim
Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy of South Pasadena Police Department

The South Pasadena Police Department (SPPD) has recently undergone a restructuring, creating new positions within the department, which includes the Deputy Chief position. Police Captain Brian Solinksy was the first SPPD member officially promoted to the position in a ceremony conducted Monday, July 29.

The formation of the position, as well as other new positions, comes amid the restructuring of the police department, which was administered as a result of multiple studies of the department’s organizational chart. The restructuring of the department is one of SPPD Chief Joe Ortiz’s first actions as the recently hired Chief of Police. SPPD has not responded to questions about the financial feasibility of the reorganization, which includes the creation of additional positions within the department. 

The changes brought by the restructuring will increase the department’s efficiency and resource management, as well as allow for improved growth and mobility within the department. 

Solinksy, who joined South Pasadena’s law enforcement in 1993, rose through the ranks as Corporal, Sergeant, and eventually to his former role as Captain. He has also served as the Interim Chief of Police in 2018, holding the position until the hiring of current Chief Joe Ortiz

The Deputy Chief’s new duties will build on Solinksy’s former responsibilities as Police Captain, and will now include continuing community outreach and support with stakeholders, budget preparation, emergency operations, and collaborating with fellow law enforcement partners.

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