Boys volleyball gives up two-set lead against Whittier Christian

Story by Haelee Kim
Associate Opinion Editor

Photo by Oscar Walsh
Photo Editor

The boys volleyball team stumbled against Whittier Christian in five sets on Thursday, Feb. 27. Although the Tigers established a two-set lead, the Heralds mustered a comeback to win, 3-2.

South Pas began with the advantage in the first set after an onslaught of multiple kills. Freshman Aidan Hilger displayed a steady rally and managed to drive Whittier Christian on the defensive. Senior captain Dylan Schreibfeder, who served multiple aces, consistently added to the Tiger point total, ending the set with a score of 25-23.

The second set proceeded at a more rapid pace than the first, but the Tigers were able to gain a win with more space to spare. After a tense beginning that saw the Heralds leap ahead of the Tigers, senior Hanwul Choi began to turn the set around with two aces that slowed down the opponent’s momentum. South Pas exhibited excellent teamwork for the rest of the set, ending the set with a landslide score of 25-14.

The Tigers faltered in the third set, conceding a win to Whittier Christian with the set score of 25-23. Several bouts of miscommunication cost the Tigers crucial points even as the set began neck to neck. The stagnation would follow South Pas to the crux of the set, where the Heralds would score three consecutive points to clinch their first set win. 

The fourth and fifth ended in a similar fashion, with a finishing set score of 25-20 and 15-10, respectively. Schreibfeder and senior Tyler Lieu’s kills allowed South Pas to maintain a point total at a close score to the Heralds, but the Tigers’ inability to return shots would cost them the game.

“The team did good, but we are lacking the stamina needed to play long five set matches. Our team is really young so my main goal as a captain is to help develop the underclassmen so we can continue our five-year league champ record,” Schreibfeder said.

The Tigers will begin tournament play in Camarillo on Friday, Feb. 28. 

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