Boys’ soccer wins high-scoring CIF matchup over Chadwick

By Julian Prime

Sports Editor

Photos by Matt Scholtz

The boys’ soccer team advanced to the second round of CIF playoffs with a 6-3 win over the Chadwick High School Dolphins on Friday, February 20. Despite a scoring frenzy in the final minutes of the game, the Tigers held on for the win, outplaying the visiting team in all aspects of the game.


The Tigers started out completely dominant, maintaining consistent possession and crisp passes. The Dolphins had little to work with, as the Tigers were reluctant to give up the ball. Multiple times, the Tigers had potential chances at the goal, but the overworked Chadwick defense held their line. The Dolphins had a chance on a free kick during their counter-attack, but it would amount to nothing. The overly-eager Chadwick forwards had numerous offsides penalties called on them, preventing any serious chances on goal. Then, on a Tiger drive, senior Ramon Gutierrez corralled a cross in the box, and took a shot on goal. The ball bounced off the crossbar right into the feet of junior Oskar Hernandez, who tapped the ball in, giving South Pas an early 1-0 lead.


The Tigers continued to be relentless on offense, taking multiple shots on goal. Gutierrez had a beautiful shot with his left foot, but it was blocked by the Chadwick goalie. Gutierrez had another chance, when he came diving in to head a cross in the box, but that, too, was blocked. After a barrage of South Pas attacks, Chadwick committed a handball in the box, granting the Tigers a penalty kick. Senior Jordan Jackmon stepped up to the line, and scored an easy goal to put the Tigers up 2-0. The Dolphins began to find their offensive footing, and moved the ball with more precision. One chance came on a Dolphin breakaway, but senior Kevin Yonami came flying in from behind and stopped the speeding Chadwick striker. Neither offense could get much going as the time wound down, the half ended with the scoreboard reading 2-0.


Neither team could do much with the ball in the beginning of the second half. The Tigers began to complete more clean passes, giving their offense chances on goal. Then, on a Tiger breakaway, a through ball was fed to freshman Noah Millhollin. The ball flew past both Millhollin and his defender, and was headed out of bounds. Millhollin tracked it down, and at the last second, saved it from going out of bounds with a huge clear into the Chadwick box. In an attempt to trap the ball, a Chadwick defender accidentally headed the ball into the back of the net, giving the Tigers a 3-0 lead.

On Chadwick’s counter-attack, a controversial call in the box gave the Dolphins a penalty kick, which they scored. The Tigers weren’t deterred, and answered back when Gutierrez crossed the ball to Jackmon, who headed in his second goal of the game. The Tigers led 4-1. Chadwick took this and scored another goal for themselves after knifing through the Tiger defense. With the score 4-2, the Tigers were looking to widen their lead. A shot on goal was popped up by the Dolphin goalie, and Gutierrez headed the ball in.


In the Dolphins’ next attempt on goal, their shot got past goalie Sam Hoadley-Brill, but Yonami was there to boot it out just before it crossed the goal line. Senior Oscar Jaime III did the exact same just a few minutes later, and the Tigers were beginning to hold their ground. The Tigers were given a penalty soon after, which Jackmon missed off the left post. Jackmon wouldn’t let it get to him, and crossed the ball into Gutierrez, who headed it in again to put the Tigers up 6-2. Chadwick immediately took the ball and bolted past the out-of-position Tigers, scoring in speedy fashion, and giving them their third goal of the game. The game ended soon after, the Tigers the 6-3 victors.