Boys’ soccer stays in CIF contention with dominating win over La Cañada

Photo by Tony Chen
Staff Photographer

Boys’ soccer triumphed over La Cañada 5-0 at home on Thursday, January 24 in a crucial league matchup. An early three goal onslaught and a consistent defensive presence throughout the match saw the Tigers through their most dominant performance in league play to date.

The Tigers started off the first half in dominant fashion, reaching the Spartan goal in a matter of minutes, holding the ball closely for the right opportunity to shoot. That moment came only ten minutes into play as sophomore midfielder Reo Snyder outmaneuvered the opposing goalkeeper to grant the Tigers an early 1-0 lead. However, the home offense refused to relent and made a second run against the unprepared Spartan defense. This attack, as well as the following one, proved equally successful, with Snyder scoring a second and third goal before the visitors knew what hit them. With a dominant 3-0 lead, the South Pas offense began to implement safer play in anticipation of the reemerging Spartan offense. Junior defender Tianhao Wei used his superior agility to dismantle the ball movement of his opponents, while sophomore striker Caleb Lee applied consistent aggressive pressure to lock down the Spartans. The remainder of the half was devoted to wearing out the La Cañada players, and after several key saves from senior goalkeeper Ryan Wong, the Tigers were in prime condition for another assault. Close-knit formations kept the ball in South Pas’ hands during their advance, but the team struggled to make any more connections to the goal. Still, the half ended with a promising score of 3-0.

The beginning of the second half proved to be the Tigers’ rockiest interval. The reinvigorated Spartan offense was quick to jump on the ball and pushed their advance deep into South Pas territory. The outbreak was soon handled by home defenders, though, and the boys’ team returned to its dominant state. Sophomore Porter Calva and senior Henry Barbera exhibited exceptional offensive play to blow through their defenders, while senior Addison Foord kept the La Cañada midfielders in check. The Tigers used their dominance over the field to claim two more goals, one from Calva after a cross from senior Jett Donlevy and a second in the form of a header from senior Eamon Hornish. A commanding defense then secured the Spartans long enough for the half to end, granting a stunning 5-0 victory in favor of South Pas.

The boys’ team, now 4-3 in league play, is scheduled to face Monrovia in a road match on Saturday, January 26. The Tigers fell to the Wildcats 2-1 last week and are eager to avenge the loss.

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