Boys basketball tops Blair in blowout win

Story by Charlotte Dekle
Staff Writer

Photo by Erin Lee
Staff Photographer

Boys basketball triumphed over the Blair Vikings 88-45 during their second league game on Friday, Jan. 14. A combination of strong offense and a capacity to match Blair’s intensity catapulted them to a high-scoring win.

Right from the outset of the game, the tensions were high when Blair immediately scored a three-pointer. Following that, South Pas’ fast-paced gameplay led to immediate double-digit scoring numbers. By the five-minute mark, the Tigers were already at 22 points to the Viking’s 10. With seniors Dillon Akers, Sage Wayans and Ezekiel Pannell each contributing their fair share of three-pointers. 

In an attempt to match the Tiger’s gameplay, the Vikings opted for riskier moves from charging the paint or only attempting three-point shots. These risky moves led to high amounts of turnovers between the teams.

South Pas continued to dominate the game, quickly bounding down the court and completing the risky three-pointers that Blair was so desperate for. By the end of the first quarter, the Tigers had 30 points to the Viking’s 12.

Blair began the second quarter, increasing their command on the court along with gutsy shooting styles. But similar to past games, South Pas was up for the challenge. The game’s second quarter proved to be high-scoring for the Tigers, landing consecutive two-pointers and free throws. Blair matched this technique by brushing past the Tiger defense, scoring multiple buckets over the quarter. 

The two aggressive playing styles clashed and many players on both teams ended up on the floor of the court. But with resilience, they stood back up and continued playing.

There were some especially strong Tiger plays as the second quarter roared on. Pannell continued his high-octane by stealing the ball out of the air as Blair scrambled to make their risky three-point moves. Senior Niko Lawrence regained control of the Blair ball and scored a two-pointer. Blair eventually scored a free-throw and two-point basket that garnered them a 21 point total. In an intense last minute of gameplay, the Tigers had racked up 44 points to the Viking’s 21.

In a flash, half-time was over and the Tigers returned to the court, confident in their abilities and their 20-point lead. The second half proved even more rewarding for the Tigers as Blair struggled to maintain momentum. 

Junior guard Nick Chabot and Wayans continued to dart the ball between each other, often resulting in a lofty point total. The period was packed with fast-paced shots and scoring by the Tigers. By the buzzer of period three, the Tigers had procured 70 points with Blair lagging behind at 39 points.

The fourth period continued similar patterns as the previous three periods. Blair had strong offensive moves, garnering a more consistent shooting arrangement and landing six more points in the process. But the Tigers sustained a considerable point difference and by the end of the game, the total score was 88-45 for the Tigers.

The Tigers will challenge the San Marino Titans in their next league home game on Wednesday, Jan. 19.

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