Baseball loses to Titans, 9-1

By Ryan Nakamura

Staff Writer

Photos by Tucker Judkins

A gloomy day followed the boys baseball team into the locker room after a frustrating 9-1 defeat to school rival San Marino occurred last Friday.


San Marino kicked off the day after a line drive made its way past the defense for the first run of the day. The Titans would return an additional three runs while holding the Tigers at bay to lead 4-0 after the first.


Although South Pas had a chance of making progress early in the game, the teams fate was sealed after a bloop single from San Marino paved the way for five more runs in the third.


Down nine runs, the Tigers hope of making any comeback slowly flew from their grasp. With San Marino only needing to focus on their defense, the Tigers made little headway against the Titan barricade. South Pas threw everything they had and scored their first and only run of the game when senior Nic Ha rallied home with the assistance of teammate Paul Amerine in the bottom of the sixth. With a final score of 9-1, the Tigers are now 1-7 in Rio Hondo League.

“As a team, we need better chemistry and improve as a team,” senior Hermes Ip stated. “Success should be contagious and should be used to help others improve instead of looking down after a loss.”

The Tigers will be traveling to rival school rival La Canada on May 1 at 3:30 p.m.