Baseball gloves stolen in second locker room heist

Written by Preston Sharkey
Staff Writer

$1500 worth of baseball gloves were stolen from the locker room Thursday afternoon, marking the latest locker room heist at SPHS.

The robbers entered the locker room at around 1:55 pm, as it had recently been unlocked for baseball practice at 2:00. There are currently no suspects, but head varsity coach Chris Cortinez witnessed the perpetrators leaving the scene.

Seven gloves in total, many of which were Wilson a2000’s (worth over $200 each) were stolen from lockers with cut locks.

“I am pretty angry that my glove was stolen,” junior player Saul Topete said. “For them to go out of their way [and] cut the lock off my locker [for] my glove when there were many other lockers without locks, I’m very surprised.”

Players were told by Coach Cortinez that the school’s insurance policy will compensate the players for the cash value of their stolen gloves, although district administrators are unsure compensation will occur. Authorities and Assistant Principal of Student Services David Speck will be further investigating the incident and policy.

“I feel like i can’t leave anything in the baseball locker rooms anymore,” sophomore player Artie Hernandez said. “That’s probably the last time I leave anything valuable in my locker.”

CORRECTION: The outcome of the investigation will determine whether players will receive monetary compensation. As of the time of this writing it is not clear whether players will receive compensation.

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