Baseball stumbles 1-6 to Temple City

The SPHS Varsity Baseball team lost a home game against Temple City with a final score of 1-6 on Monday, April 9th. The Rams had an immediate advantage over the Tigers, who were unable to recover.

In the first inning, the Rams scored a volley of three runs through consistent performance. Although there were no extravagant plays by TC, a steady flow of singles and an error gave the opponents a decent leg above South Pas.

Senior Matt Walker manned the mound for the first five innings; the baton was passed to senior Isaac Luevano for the last two.

In the top of the sixth, the Rams scored two runs, while the Tigers got their first hit in the bottom of the inning. Unfortunately, the drought on offense continued, as no run was scored yet. Heading into the final inning, TC’s victory seemed imminent as they scored their sixth run.

South Pas’s first and only run came in the bottom of the seventh, too late to make a dent against the Rams’ lead. The run was the result of a wild pitch and was scored by junior Savian Joseph.

The Tigers will be matched against the Monrovia Wildcats at an away game on Tuesday, April 10th.

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