Badminton sweeps in mixed doubles, boys’ singles to top Mayfield 13-8

By Andrew Gruhn

Staff Writer

The varsity badminton team ended its first season in existence with a victory over Mayfield Senior School on Tuesday, April 21. Mayfield, an all girls school, had only one male player to supplement their team, so Mayfield had a girls doubles team play in the boys’ doubles categories.

The Tigers took home 13 of the 21 matches that the team played, sweeping Mayfield in mixed doubles, boys’ singles, and boys’ doubles categories.

“We were confident in our game so we kept an attacking stance to quickly achieve victory,” senior Calvin Lau said.

The results were the same from the previous matchup against Mayfield on March 24, when the Tigers won again..

“Though our team has gotten better, Mayfield’s playing has also improved since the last game,” Lau said.

The team ends the season with a record of 2-7, both of their wins coming over Mayfield.

“I think throughout the season, our team’s playing improved exponentially, and if we had another opportunity to play against other schools, I believe that we would have a very high chance of winning,” team captain Michael Wu said.

While the inaugural season for the coed badminton team didn’t see a spectacular showing, the team is optimistic that they will be able to see more success in the future.