Badminton captures first win in team history over Mayfield

By Andrew Gruhn

Staff Writer

The varsity badminton team earned its first win in team history against Mayfield Senior School on Tuesday, March 24. Since Mayfield is an all girls school, male players from Loyola High School were used to supplement their team during the match.

The Tigers won 13 of their 21 matches, sweeping boys’ doubles, mixed doubles, and boys’ singles categories. This was an obvious improvement from the team’s previous game against Mark Keppel High School, where the Tigers could only manage two wins.

“Having more time to practice together, we get used to each other’s playing style,” junior Nolan Pokpongkiat said. “We are able to play more to our respective strengths.”

Team captain Michael Wu thought that the improvement of the team was due to better equipment and more training.

“We have rearranged players so that they are better formatted to play against other schools, and also trained more on techniques that will defeat the enemy more rapidly,” Wu said. “Due to our fundraising efforts we were able to afford new equipment to help better our players.”

According to the team’s website, the team’s next game will be on April 16 against Polytechnic School on the road.