Astronomy Club hosts first Astronomy Night of the school year

Photo by Luyang Zhang   
Staff Writer

The Astronomy Club and SPHS Physics Department hosted the first Astronomy Night of the year on Wednesday, Nov. 14. Students glimpsed the night sky through telescopes, observing Saturn and the moon before the former moves out of visibility until next summer due to the rotation of the earth around the Sun and on its axis.

The telescopes were set up on the second floor of the science building to allow the students to watch the sky. Members of the Astronomy Club and other curious students bonded over their enthusiasm for astronomy and many shared their knowledge about Saturn and the moon over slices of pizza and drinks provided by the club.

“I can’t speak for everyone, but I find observing the night sky very fun and relaxing,” Astronomy Club president senior Akash Rathi said. “That’s why I wanted to help host this event to share this experience with everyone.”

Astronomy Club plans on organizing more Astronomy Nights as well as presentations during school to further enhance members’ knowledge of astronomy.

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