ASB leads annual SAC assembly

Story by Abigail Kim
Staff Writer

Photo by Emiko Essmiller
Co-Design Editor and Staff Photographer

On Friday, Sept. 1, ASB led the annual SAC assembly to kick off the year. The assembly included skits, SAC promotions, games, and references to the new “Barbie” movie. The SPHS marching band performed “Eye of the Tiger” and various other songs as students walked into the auditorium.

Commissioner of Finance, junior Natasha Rey, and Commissioner of Assemblies, senior Noble Jones, opened up the assembly with a WWE-themed skit. Next, Jones led each class in a school-wide roll call. The national anthem was then performed by sophomore Cinbie Chang.

Part one of this year’s SAC promotional video was shown after the performance, which was filmed and edited by ASB videographer, senior Samantha Shiroishi. Following the video, Jones led a class competition where two students from each grade participated in a balloon popping relay.

Students competed by running across the auditorium stage with balloons in between their legs. Juniors competed against freshmen while seniors rivaled sophomores. In a subsequent cup stacking contest, juniors emerged victorious against the seniors. After the game, a health and wellness video featured this year’s health and wellness officers, senior Via Abelev and junior Sienna Drake. The presentation included information regarding health and wellness resources at SPHS. Commissioner of Athletics, senior Kendall Taylor, introduced the fall sports captains in a Q&A activity. Commissioner of Internal Affairs, senior Ellie Nakamura, introduced new Assistant Principal Chad Bryant through a brief interview that included fun facts and his prior experience in the district.

Next, the final portion of the SAC video was played for all the students, featuring all 13 commissioners. ASB then performed a Barbie-themed dance, choreographed by Commissioner of Spirit, senior Wendi Zhang. Commissioner General, senior Olivia Alfonso, senior class president Charlotte Dekle, and Commissioner of Clubs, senior Krish Patel, then announced general information about the Royal Court, Senior Activities
Committee (SAC), and the upcoming Club Rush. Jones advertised SAC cards one final time, and the assembly concluded with the SPHS Band playing the Alma Mater.

“I hope to contribute the entertainment that I sought after for my first three years here. I want to make it real hype; I want to make people excited for the year,” Jones said. “[I’m] excited for spirit days and events, excited to be part of South Pasadena High School. I want to give everyone a fantastic year, the best I can.”

The upcoming ASB Color Day assembly will take place on Friday, Sept. 29.

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