ASB announces 2019-2020 class officers

Photo by Adam Kwoh

Freshman, sophomore, and junior classes gathered for the 2019-2020 ASB class elections assembly on Friday, May 3. Candidates for the class officer positions campaigned throughout the week before delivering final speeches to their student class.

Winning candidates were announced in a ceremony on the Tiger Patio later that evening. This year’s officers congratulated the winners through both snacks and poems.

Runoff elections will be held in a second round of voting on the week of May 6.


President – Joseph Lee

Vice President – Cole Fox

Secretary – Christian Montoya

Treasurer – Tyler Lieu


President – Lindsey Hirano

Vice President – Oliver Lee

Secretary – Valentino Nguyen

Treasurer – Erin Soohoo


President – Carolina Garavito

Vice President – Mai Koyama

Secretary – Isabella Alfonso

Treasurer – Deanna Lau

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