Andrew McGough creates Tiger Fitness Club

Story by Lilian Zhu
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Andrew McGough 

SPHS math teacher Andrew McGough may seem like your average calculus teacher, but behind his mathematical career lies a hobby of his: the workout regimen CrossFit. Forming the Tiger Fitness club, McGough posts daily workouts and weekly challenges on Google Classroom and Instagram to encourage both students and teachers to stay active.

In comparison to his workouts in the Spring, McGough has taken further efforts to give his workouts a more structured schedule. The workouts can be scaled up or down for all fitness levels and can be completed without any equipment. Students have found that his efforts act as motivation to stay physically active and are beneficial for their overall wellbeing.

“[McGough’s] club impacts students’ mental health especially now because it motivates us to stay healthy and organized during quarantine and to not slack off,” sophomore Tia Guang said. “I think it’s pretty unique that he’s doing this for his students despite having a busy schedule as a teacher. ” 

In addition to workouts and challenges, McGough posts strength training exercises. In his Google Classroom, he links YouTube  videos from various sources to show proper movement and optional equipment to facilitate workouts.

“I hope that it encourages [participants] to work out every day and gives them ideas on how to structure their exercise regimen,” McGough said. “It is great to see people participating in an activity that is fundamental to leading a healthy life and challenging themselves to push hard when the workout gets tough.”

McGough initially started doing CrossFit, a form of high-intensity interval training, back in 2015 after being inspired to become healthier for himself and his family. Soon, exercising became a habit as he began to create his own workouts. CrossFit introduced a unique way to stay in shape that’s adaptable for most sports. 

“I work out after I wake up each morning, starting my day with a small success that propels me into more productive behavior overall,” McGough said. “I feel amazing after the workout. I have energy, strength, and stability. I can run around all day with my son without feeling winded. One of my goals is to stay as fit as possible as I age so that my son doesn’t have to take of care  me as I get older.”

Many students involved in sports experienced a halt in exercising and have also found McGough’s workouts an essential alternative. 

“Mr. McGough’s workouts are customizable, and as a cross country runner, I find them a great change of pace,” Michels said.

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