78th Annual Color Day Celebrates School Spirit

By Cole Cahill
Assoc. Feature Editor

Photo by Stephanie Kim

Students and faculty arrived at school last Friday decked from head to toe in orange and black costumes for the school’s annual Color Day. Outfits ranged from simple school-related t-shirts to giant Tetris blocks. Those interested in submitting their efforts for the costume contest arrived at 7:15 a.m. and were met with a giant orange cube on the Tiger Patio reading “think inside the box” and “Class of 2016.”

About 1500 students filed into the gym for the Color Day assembly as the band played and people found their seats under their class’ giant banners. The assembly kicked off with Abraham Szilagyi’s rendition of the National Anthem, followed by roll call of classes. Next, the teachers broke out in an impromptu dance number to “Watch Me,” the song better known by its now legendary “whip” and “nae nae” dance moves.

Each squad of Pep gave a performance, followed by Commissioner of Assemblies Matthew Shults pitting the classes against each other in a game of tug-of-war, where the junior and sophomore classes came
out victorious.

“I think the assembly this year was great,” sophomore Ava Planer said. “I really enjoy the atmosphere and the love we all share for our school. In my opinion, it’s the best day of the year.”

The nominees for Homecoming court were announced by Spirit Commissioner Gabby Marquez and the girls’ escorts. The assembly wrapped up with costume contest results and an announcement of “Time Warp” as the theme of the Homecoming dance. Before the festivities closed, there was a theatrical martial arts battle between seniors Emmett Jang and Esteban Suarez, playing fighters from San Marino and La Cañada respectively. Although Suarez’s San Marino defeated Jang’s La Cañada, the Titan was eventually crushed when senior Arian Nazarian, dressed as a tiger, emerged from the sidelines.
The excitement continued at lunch with dancing seniors who also took a picture together commemorating their last Color Day.

“Everyone was enjoying themselves and dancing because there was a sense of deliverance for many on one of the most spirited days of the year,” Commissioner of Noontime senior Ian Geiberger said.