ASB announces GQ nominees and talent show results

By Nick Michael

Assoc. News Editor

The 2016 GQ nominees were announced on Friday, February 26, at lunch on the Tiger Patio. Three nominees were introduced for the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes, and nine were announced for the senior class. The nominees were selected based on the results of a school-wide voting ballot.

On top of the GQ nominees, the winners of last week’s talent show were announced. Junior Cindy Tsai and sophomore Alyssa Muñiz tied with junior Kevin Foster’s band Sugarfoot for third place, junior Chivra Løvvik won second place, and the winners of the show were junior Grace Privett-Mendoza and sophomore Emma Carpenter.



Noah Parker

Diego Dominguez

Matas Kuiliskaskaus



Will Hoadley-Brill

Tate Johnson

Nick Song



Callum Kuo

Ken Iwane

Mathew Kramsch



Alex Nakagawa

Amador Lagunas

Ian Geiberger

Max Luck

Greg Luck

Ross Lelieur

Coleman Clayton

Cory Atwater

Nick Samson