Measure L and new school board members results established

By Jenna Giulioni

Senior Staff Writer

Photo Matt Scholtz

The South Pasadena general municipal elections drew to a close on Tuesday, November 3.  Months of campaigning led up to this day as positions on both the School Board and City Council and the proposed renewal of Measure L were on the ballot.

The two School Board hopefuls, former SPHS teacher and active community member Dr. Suzie Abajian and SPEF President Jon Primuth, ran against the thirteen year incumbent, Joseph Loo. Abajian and Primuth both managed to gain approximately 34.5% of the votes to win the two spots, leaving Loo with the remaining 31%.

Residents of South Pasadena also voted on Measure L, which passed with about 80% of the votes. The legislation was drafted to create a parcel tax in which funds would be given to the South Pasadena Public Library.
The City Council stayed unchanged with only three incumbents, Robert Joe, Marina Khubesrian, and Richard D. Schneider.