Students and faculty practice earthquake awareness during Great ShakeOut

By Kevin Park

Staff Writer

Photos by Brian Kojima

SPHS’s student body gathered on the football field during second period for the Great ShakeOut on October 15.  The annual earthquake drill was held worldwide in order to help teach the public what to do during an earthquake and to improve preparedness.

While the students sat on the field with their fourth period classes, certain members of the Sports Medicine class volunteered to practice first responder procedures, helping students who feigned injuries. The volunteers used stretcher carts to carefully move the students off of the school’s campus in order to properly secure their safety.


The ShakeOut started in 2008 in California to educate the public on earthquake safety and has sinceinto a worldwide event. Over 22.3 million people from around the globe registered for the October 15 ShakeOut and over 42.5 million people registered throughout the year.

“The Great Shakeout is important because we have to know what to do if an earthquake actually happens when we are at school,” Commissioner of School and Community senior Sheridan Nansen said. “And I thought that the ShakeOut went smoothly and it was quicker than I thought it was going to last.”