2017-2018 ASB Class Elections

Campaigning for 2017-2018 class officer positions culminated in the annual ASB elections assembly/announcement on Friday, May 12th. The incoming freshman class will hold their elections independent of the SPHS elections.

Runoffs between the following candidates will continue into a second round of voting next week.



President- Hanwul Choi

Vice President – Matthew Iwane

Secretary – Jewel Nguyen

Treasurer – Joseph Lee



President – RUNOFF: Abbie Lukavsky, Ashley King

Vice President – Akash Rathi

Secretary – Sage Pierone

Treasurer – Jazzy Serrano



President – RUNOFF:  Adam Hamden, Young Song

Vice President – Nick Song

Secretary – Jasper Lee

Treasurer – RUNOFF: Victoria Resendiz, Kyle Wu

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