Y&G delegates head to Fresno for Training and Elections conference

By Cole Cahill

Assoc. Feature Editor

Members of Youth in Government from the South Pasadena and San Marino delegation travelled to the first of two Training and Elections conferences in Fresno from November 13 to 15. The group of over 75 SPHS students, along with other local students, learned about the Y&G program and ran for positions. SPHS senior Jake Levy was appointed the position of Political Party Chair.

The Political Party Chair  organizes the political party that supports a candidate for Youth Governor, the highest position in the state. Levy was chosen to lead one of the four parties from a pool of 20 applicants.

Y&G is a nationwide model legislature and court program organized through the YMCA. Local delegations meet each week to create bills and prepare for the year’s biggest conference in Sacramento. This latest conference, Training and Elections I, gave delegates a chance to experience Y&G’s many programs before choosing the area that they will commit to in Sacramento. Delegates voted for elected positions, such as Chief Justice and Secretary of State. The appointed positions were announced at the end of the conference.

Senior Bella Faith ran a campaign for Secretary of State, but was not elected. Sophomore Cole Cahill was appointed Committee Chair.

“Seeing Bella and everyone running do so well onstage was really great,” SPASM Delegation President  senior Jake Swayze said. “It was amazing seeing people from our delegation speak in sessions and make connections with students from all across California.”

South Pasadena and San Marino delegates will travel to Fresno again this January for the Training and Elections II conference, where they will elect more positions and work within their program areas to prepare for Sacramento. The delegates will travel to the state’s capital in February.