Tiger Voice discusses student mental health in second meeting

Tiger Voice representatives voiced their opinions regarding student mental health Friday, May 10. Representatives voted on possible solutions that aimed to improve mental health on campus, including new teacher protocols and stress relieving activities.

Commissioner General Lauren Kafkaloff introduced the issue of mental health and five possible solutions to promote a healthy environment on campus. Kafkaloff proposed a new protocol where teachers would direct students in their classes struggling with mental health to helpful resources, including an anonymous help hotline that would be run by the Peer Mediators and ASB. Other ideas focused on measuring stress on campus through monthly surveys, while relieving stress through informational assemblies and animals on campus.

Students answered questions on the benefits, drawbacks, and usefulness of each solution before voting for which solution they believed would be the most effective.

“I think Tiger Voice is definitely a way to represent our voices and opinions,” senior Joshua Lee said. “I thought that the anonymous help [hotline] idea was great… With the variety of solutions and students, we were able to discuss our own thoughts and choose an option that we thought would best benefit the students.”

Tiger Voice will focus on the dress code policy in its next meeting.

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