Tiger Newspaper Asks

Tiger Newspaper Asks:
Based on your experiences, how do you feel about
the Rose Court application process, and why?

“I went into Rose Court tryouts expecting something very superficial and not very diverse, but was pleasantly surprised as the day went on. There were all kinds of girls from all around the area. So many people had very different and very genuine reasons for being there. During the interview itself, I felt surprisingly respected and heard, and the process seemed as genuine as it could be considering the circumstances.”

–Maya Crain, Grade 12

“One of the reasons I didn’t try out for Rose Court this year is that I feel that the process isn’t very comprehensive, especially considering that the first round consists of just 15 seconds in front of a panel of judges. Regardless of how much the Rose Court claims to stress personality and achievement, it’s hard to imagine the judges getting to know much about a person beyond what is presented on the outside in such a short amount of time.”

–Alcina Chen, Grade 12