Locker room theft raises security concerns

By Kyle Kan and Olivia Nouriani

Tiger Staff

Several cell phones and other electronic devices were stolen from the girls’ locker room during first period physical education classes on Monday, September 29. It is estimated that anywhere from four to seven cell phones and iPods are missing. Police reports have been filed and investigation is ongoing, but no suspects have yet been identified.

All of the stolen items were taken from unlocked lockers or backpacks that were left outside of lockers, according to the physical education department. Although locker rooms remain closed to students during class, there are opportunities to be left in the rooms alone, especially since the rooms can be hectic during dressing periods and while transitioning from class to class.

“Some classes leave later than others, some students leave later than others, and other students are allowed in, all at different times,” physical education teacher Jerry Wulf said. “There is generally about a two to five minute window during which kids are coming and going.”

A lack of security is a growing concern for the athletic department as this is the third locker room theft this school year, following break-ins during an away cross country meet and a home football game against Glendale High School.

“Unfortunately, these kinds of things do happen; we try to find things to dissuade them, but you can’t keep an eye on everything all the time,” Athletic Director Gregorio Luna said. “The best thing to do is for us to keep an eye out and if we see something that’s not right, to do something about it.”

Anyone with further information regarding the thefts should contact the SPHS physical education department or the South Pasadena Police Department.