Tennis ties to La Cañada, but loses tiebreaker

By Nick Michael

Staff Writer

The girls’ varsity tennis team played their last league game against the La Cañada Spartans on Monday, October 27, resulting in a 9-9 tie. Unfortunately, the Tigers were not able to come out on top, as they lost the tiebreaker by ten points.

Yet again, the doubles teams for the Tigers commanded their side of the match, winning eight out of nine sets. However, the only player able to win a singles set was freshman Molly Round, as the girls were beaten eight to one in singles.

“We knew that no matter what happened, we would still make CIF,” sophomore Anya Nicolaides said, “But we still wanted to win.”

The girls had clinched a CIF berth in their previous game against Monrovia, so they had a lot less pressure on them going into the match. With the tie against La Cañada, they were also able to secure a second place finish in the Rio Hondo League.

“This year has been amazing,” Nicolaides said, “We have amazing teammates. We are focused on winning, but at the same time, we have fun doing it. We support one another no matter who we play or what happens.”

The girls don’t know when their first CIF match will be, or whom they’ll be playing against. But one thing is for sure: they are determined to win as many CIF matches as possible.