Talent show spotlights student ability

By Nick Michael

Assoc. News Editor


The annual SPHS Talent Show, held on Friday, February 19 in the auditorium, featured eleven student performances.

Eight of the eleven acts were vocal performances, and most of them were covers. Senior Jung Su Park kicked off the show with a mashup of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” and “I’ll Show You”. Following this mellow rendition came a high-tempo beatboxing act from junior Joshua Hwang, who used a harmonica to enhance his set. Sophomore Christy Yu performed a cover of Tori Kelly’s “All in My Head”, and junior Cindy Tsai sang Sara Barailles’ “Gravity” along with an originally choreographed dance from sophomore Alyssa Muñiz. Juniors Sofia Gerodíaz and Van Bactista covered “To Make You Feel My Love”, with Gerodíaz singing and Bactista playing the guitar. Members of the Jazz Band performed “Misty”, by Johnny Mathis, and to cap off the show, junior

Kevin Foster and his band Sugarfoot played Mountain’s

“Mississippi Queen”.

“The show was very interesting and I appreciated the diversity of the acts,” junior Anthony Chen said. “From the different dancing acts to the musical performances, I thoroughly enjoyed the talents shown off.”

The only original composition of the show came from junior Chivra Løvvik, who sang and played the piano. The two dance acts, from the duo of junior Grace Privett-Mendoza and sophomore Emma Carpenter and the group “Better Tell ‘Em We’re Flawless”, incorporated visual effects to supplement their performances.

“This year’s talent show contestants were extremely well-selected. The performances were amazing, and I don’t think there was a clear winner because of the number of good performances,” junior Max Amido said.