Take It All In

By Jenna Giulioni
Senior Staff Writer

Still staggering, the Class of 2016 has finally reached the other side of a grueling junior year.

Our class has suffered through more than the typical SAT and AP stress that defines eleventh grade; we made it through a year compounded with the emotional roller coaster South Pasadangerous held for us, shooting threats, glued locks, and all.

It finally hit me when the counselors and Ms Anderson came into our English classrooms this past week: we have made it. And besides the small heart attack that ensued when I realized just how close those application deadlines are, Janderson’s speech was what really resonated with me.

These are our last 180 days at South Pasadena High School.

“The future” is just close enough to look ahead towards, but those endless opportunities that await us reside just far enough away that all we can do is pray that everything turns out the way we hope.

As we struggle over our college applications, obsess over every word of our essays and try desperately to remember our Social Security numbers, it often seems that the only option, the only thing that can keep us sane, is to imagine that freshman hall waiting for us. But doing that defeats the purpose of our senior year.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in what’s to come and overlook what’s right in front of us: the football games, the dances, and the random mosh pits in the middle of Tiger Patio.

While our heads are in the clouds, preparing for the rest of our lives, I hope that we don’t lose track of this year. I hope we soak up every opportunity that lies in front of us. I hope that we take a second to remember “those times;” not just the ones in our Snapchat stories, but also the adventures shared with friends, and the jokes between classmates.

If we get too caught up in the future, we’ll miss what’s happening now. Make this year a memory that lasts… Because I can already tell that it is going to be amazing.