Students prepare for the workplace at first internship workshop

By Sammy Park
Staff Writer

Photo by Thomas Forman
Staff Photographer

The Internship Program held its first compulsory workshop this Tuesday, September 13 in the Career Counseling Center. The workshop, led by Career Technical Education Specialist Ms. Andrea Fox, included a lesson on personal branding and a guest speaker on the importance of savings.

During the two hour event, students were taught to present themselves as professional in the workplace and what to do on their first day of an internship. They participated in an exercise that involved Googling themselves online, held discussions about first impressions, and participated in a team building exercise. The lecture covered personal branding, social media guidelines, and workplace safety.

Before they are eligible to apply for the Internship Program, students are required to attend two workshops. During the semester long program, students will be evaluated by the business they work for based on a pass-fail system.

The program, which is offered to juniors and seniors as an eighth period, links local businesses with South Pasadena High School students. In the program’s first year, it has partnered with over ten businesses based in South Pasadena.