Students Break the Ice at First Dance of the Year

By Vaughn Huelsman
Staff Writer

Black-Eyed Peas disc jockey and SPHS alumnus DJ Bonk blared EDM over a blur of dancing students, glow sticks, and interactive, glowing decor in the main gym at the Icebreaker Dance on September 11. This first dance of the school year, which gave attendees the chance to see new and old friends, was hosted by the senior and freshman classes.

“It was a very nice welcome back to school,” sophomore Cole Elsner said. “I saw some people I haven’t seen in awhile. It was a really great way to break the ice.”

Many students came to the dance in large groups and danced together in the practice gym, while others socialized and played games such as Twister and cards in the main gym.

“The dance seemed to go really smoothly. Everyone I saw looked like they were having a good time,” junior Maddie Cordon said. “The music was okay, the new DJ was a lot better than others in the past.”

The Icebreaker Dance was able to turn a profit, kicking off the school year with a financial success for ASB. The officers in charge of planning the dance were satisfied with the outcome of the event.

“Overall, it went pretty well. The freshmen and seniors really bonded in creating this event,” senior class secretary Lauren Richards said. “It looked like everyone was having a fun time so our job was accomplished.”