SPHS Tiger Talks takes on democratic socialism for its first debate of the year

Photos by Andrés Oyaga
Staff Photographer

The SPHS Tiger Talks club hosted its first debate of the year on Friday, Oct. 5, in the SAC room, pitting junior Evan Kowal against former SPHS student Matas Kulikauskas in a discussion over the viability of a democratic socialism. Kowal and Kulikauskas both acknowledged the past successes of capitalism, but Kowal argued that more democratic socialist policies should be implemented into the United States’ economic system.

Kowal, who participated in last year’s polarizing DACA debate, began the discourse with an opening statement. He reasoned that the current capitalist economy creates economic inequalities and pointed out the benefits of a higher minimum wage and free education. Kulikauskas followed, advocating that there is no reason to alter the current capitalist economic system in the United States.

Following the opening statements, both speakers responded to the opposing argument with rebuttals that were filled with interruptions. Kulikauskas provided statistics regarding the ineffectiveness of the expensive health care practices in the United States and Kowal reasoned that a free capitalist market doesn’t give children from low-income families a fair opportunity to receive a good education.

Tiger Talks president senior Yidan Xu moderated the debate, in front of the audience of students and faculty.

“While there wasn’t as large of a crowd as last year’s first debate, I thought [Kulikauskas and Kowal] were the most prepared speakers than at any other Tiger Talks debate,” Xu said. “Matas and Evan are both very passionate about the subject.”

While Tiger Talks doesn’t have a set topic or date for their next debate, the club plans on continuing to post articles online.

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