SPHS dances the night away at prom 2015

By Andrew Gruhn

Staff Writer

Over five hundred SPHS students attended the 2015 “Casino Royale” prom at the Hollywood Globe Theatre in Universal Studios, Hollywood on Saturday, May 9.

The dance began at 8:00 p.m. and continued until midnight. As they walked through the entrance, student were able to vote for the Prom King and Queen. The recipients, seniors Yasunori Iwayanagi and Olivia Brown, were announced later in the evening.

“I was extremely surprised when I heard my name was nominated and even more when crowned as the Prom King,” Iwayanagi said. “If anything, the title had made me realize how much I love our class and the relationships that I have developed with them.”

Dinner consisted of bread rolls, a garden salad, seasonal vegetables, cavatappi pasta in four cheese sauce, and chicken picatta. For dessert, a selection of assorted tarts, cookies, and pastries decorated the tables.

“My favorite part of the night was mostly after the dance where everyone was talking about how great the night was,” junior class treasurer Arian Nazarian said. “I think this was an awesome experience for everyone who attended.”

Prom offered a variety of activities, from caricature artists to a photo booth as well as the usual formal pictures. In the atrium of the Globe Theater, a candy bar was open to the guests, and inside, students could dance or simply lounge around near the dance floor. A section of Universal’s Little Europe was also available to students’ enjoyment.

“[This year’s prom] over exceeded my expectations,” Iwayanagi said. “I was able to meet with many new friends and reconnect with others, which was definitely the greatest part of prom.”

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