SPHS celebrates class of 2023 at Senior Farewell Assembly

Story by Linda Yun
Staff Writer 

Photo by Emiko (Emi) Essmiller
Staff Photographer

SPHS students entered the gym on Thursday, May 25 to bid the departing senior class goodbye in the 2022–2023 Senior Farewell Assembly. The SPHS band kept spirits high as freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and faculty settled into the seats of the main gym. Soon after, the graduating class of 2023 roared in and took their place in the center of the gym.

Commissioner of Assemblies, senior Alexa Morales, took center stage as Advanced Hip Hop and Dance III kicked off the assembly.

Morales made important announcements about the future of SPHS faculty, including the departure of Assistant Principal David Speck to the La Cañada Unified School District and the retirement of Student Social Worker Natasha Prime.

After an energizing performance from SPHS Pep, Morales recognized student clubs The Hidden Opponent, led by junior Mia Ramos, and Pass It Forward, run by senior Tia Guang, for their impact on the school and community. The Hidden Opponent spreads mental health awareness and education for student-athletes, while Pass It Forward is a hub for student volunteers. 

Drumline made an appearance before the assembly concluded with a tearful tradition. Each 2022–2023 commissioner cloaked their ASB jacket around their successor, handing over the metaphorical baton to the next chapter of SPHS history.

Junior Noble Jones, the Commissioner of Assemblies for the 2023–2024 school year, made waves across SPHS with an enthusiastic greeting.

As Band kicked off the Alma Mater, the graduating seniors huddled together under a net of orange, black, and white balloons. The popping of balloons marks their final SPHS assembly. 

“The [assembly] was great,” senior Liam Wright said. “The dance performers were at their best and the balloon drop [was] a fun, unique event.”

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