SPHS celebrates 81st annual Color Day

Story by Kimberly Hsueh
Staff Writer

Photo by Oscar Walsh
Photo Editor

Masses of students clad in orange and black colors crowded the SPHS campus for the annual 2019 Color Day event on Friday, Oct. 11. The day’s events featured the annual Color Day assembly, where students participated in class competitions and watched performances by their peers.

Commissioner of Assemblies senior Evan Kowal led day’s festivities, entering the assembly as rapper “Tyler the Creator,” calling out students and faculty in his opening rap. Kowal also included a performance by beatboxer and junior Yutae Kim who showcased his beatboxing skills in front of the nearly 1500 student crowd. 

Dance, color guard, and Pep performed multiple times throughout the assembly to a medley of pop remixes. 

Teachers and faculty also joined the assembly’s performances and competitions. Multiple members of faculty danced in costume to “Footloose” for the annual teacher’s dance. This year the teachers also faced off against students in the tug-of-war competition, losing to the sophomore team. 

Kowal, who has attended four consecutive years of Color Day assemblies, believes this year will be the most memorable for him.

“The overall vibe of this assembly was very positive and energetic,” Kowal said. “We really created a lively atmosphere for our student performers, including Pep, Dance, and Color Guard. With this being my fourth Color Day experience, I thought we had the best crowd and our performances were outstanding. I’m glad we gave the seniors a memorable Color Day.”

Look for more coverage on Color Day in Tiger’s October Color Day print issue and Color Day video highlights.

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