SPEF summer school draws hundreds of students

South Pas High School
The SPEF Summer School Program offers a variety of classes for students to either take new classes not offered in the regular curriculum such as Psychology, or take classes from the regular school year.

By Jenna Giulioni

Senior Staff Writer

Photo by Nick Ut

A short, one week summer came to an abrupt end for many students on Monday, June 22. This day marked the beginning of instruction for the South Pasadena High School summer school classes. Students from all grade levels returned to campus to fulfill requirements, create room in schedules for next year, and make up credit in classes ranging from Economics to Health and Computers.

“Summer School isn’t the most exciting thing ever, but I’m glad I’m getting a course requirement out of the way,” incoming senior Jack Wilson said about his first day of Economics. “It also allows me to free up my schedule for next year.”
The South Pasadena Educational Foundation, which runs the Summer School Program as a whole, enlisted volunteers to hand out schedules and directed students to their correct classrooms.