South Pas hits 11 confirmed coronavirus cases

Story by Adam Kwoh
News Editor 

Photo by Oscar Walsh
Photo Editor

L.A. County’s Department of Public Health confirmed South Pasadena’s 11th coronavirus case in its latest news release. Public Health also confirmed 970 new cases over the last 48 hours and 22 new deaths on Tuesday, Apr. 7.

The county has reached a total of 6,910 identified cases and 169 deaths since the virus first entered L.A. in March. Testing capacity for the virus has increased throughout L.A, with the county conducting over 35,000 tests.

To date, 22 percent of people who have tested positive for coronavirus have been hospitalized. Although most hospitalized patients face underlying health conditions or are over 65 years of age, Public Health still urges patients who haven’t been tested or hospitalized but show coronavirus symptoms to stay at home for at least seven days.

The county has asked the public to wear non-medical face mask coverings when obtaining and providing essential supplies, with healthcare workers being the main personnel that should be using N95 and surgical masks.

Public Health officials have noted that this week and next week are especially critical for all residents to stay at home, as these weeks will determine the bulk of L.A.’s exposure numbers. Officials have recommended to skip shopping at the grocery store these weeks and to use delivery services for essentials if necessary.

“This week, and perhaps next week, it is even more important that we all stay home as much as possible,” L.A. Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer said. “Adapting to life at home can be challenging, causing feelings of isolation and stress. Please continue to connect with friends and family, and show kindness and compassion for the people in your life.”

This is an ongoing story. All local coronavirus updates can be found here.

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