Sophomores bond on the Tiger Patio

By Olivia Nouriani

Assoc. Opinion Editor

Members of the sophomore class flocked to the Tiger Patio for the first class bonding of the year hosted by the sophomore class officers. The gathering aimed to bring together different social cliques to unite the Class of 2017 and boost class spirit. Over 50 sophomores made their way to the Tiger Patio for the night of music, food, and games. The high attendance marks the event as the most successful class bonding ASB has seen in several years.

The sophomores served up pizza, chips, soda, and boba to attendees. Games and competitions fueled the high energy of the event, offering opportunities for students to win raffle tickets and, of course, showcase their juice-chugging and relay-racing skills. Several gift cards were raffled off, before the group lined up to take whacks at two pinatas, and the games drew to a close with a relay tournament for the grand prize: a unicorn head.

“There was so much energy!” Isabel Barbera said. “It was the first time I really saw a good part of our class come together and step out of their comfort zones to get to know each other.”

The officers planned the event for over a month, budgeting a portion of the money they raised over the year to make the event happen.

“It was so wonderful to get to do something just for our class. Much of what we do as officers is raise money for school-wide dances,” class secretary Maya Roshandel said. “We’ve worked really hard to get the event together, but it was well-worth it to bring together so many different students and seeing them laugh with and talk to people they might not normally.”

A roaring “SOPHOMORES ON THREE!” could be heard at  evening’s end. The officers hope to hold a similar event in the future.

“Seeing our class come together like this is what makes all the hours we spend planning events and raising money worthwhile,” class vice president Jisu Kim said. “This is what Leadership is about, and tonight brought such huge smiles to all of our faces. I am so proud of the warmth and love our class showed for each other today. This is why we work as hard as we do.”