Softball edged by Montebello in close game

By Vaughn Huelsman

Staff Writer 

Photos by Tucker Judkins

The softball team lost in a 6-5 thriller against the Montebello Oilers at home on Monday, February 2. The squad struggled defensively in the first inning as the Tigers ended the inning with a score of 4-1 in favor of the Oilers, but gradually made a comeback in the next six innings. The result of the game came down to the final play, but the Tigers failed to pull off an upset. South Pas starts out the preseason with a 0-1 record.


South Pasadena stumbled in the first inning, allowing Montebello to take a substantial lead and control the game from the beginning. The Tigers allowed a walk, several base hits, and stolen bases, including a stolen home base following a wild pitch. In the bottom of the inning, senior pitcher Adriana Ramirez responded with a homerun to give the Tigers their first and only run of the inning. South Pasadena tightened up its defense in the second, allowing only one run, but failed to respond with any of its own.


The Tigers began to take control in the third and dominated each of the next five innings. The defense once again kept the Montebello offense to a single run and finally began to get good hits. Ramirez swatted the ball deep into the outfield for an RBI triple, allowing junior second baseman Katherine Conte to score. Sophomore shortstop Sophie Reynolds hit a single to bring Ramirez home, ending the inning. After a scoreless fourth, the Tigers earned two runs in the fifth inning. Senior third baseman Alex Mendez hit a single sophomore Amelia Anthony and junior first baseman Emily Swanson to score.


Both teams put up intense defensive performances in the sixth and seventh innings, not conceding a single run. In the seventh Conte executed a double play, bringing the Tigers to their final offensive opportunity. Ramirez once again lead the team in the bottom of the inning, hitting a single and stealing two bases. However instead of getting more hits, the Tigers accumulated two outs. In the final play, senior Jocelyn Arellano hit the ball hard and down at the ground, but the Oilers were able to force the out and end the game.


“We played well and started the season on the right foot,” Anthony said. “The first inning was rough but we came back and got really close to winning.”

The Tigers play their next game at home against Heritage Christian High School on Friday, March 4.