Season Preview: Girls’ Tennis

By Noah Miyamae

Staff Writer

Photo by Brian Kojima

The girls’ varsity tennis team is hoping to establish a dynasty in this upcoming season. Last season, the Tigers were able to earn a CIF birth for the first time in seven years. However, this year’s squad will include many first-time varsity tennis athletes and also a new head coach, Marivick Mamitt. Nonetheless, this group is determined to execute the improbable by earning a spot at CIF for two straight years.

“We have been drilling and conditioning for the past month,” junior Nour Mallat said, “Spending more time together has enabled us to grow together as a team.”

Coach Mamitt has implemented many new standards that will take the team to the next level. Everyday is a learning experience for the girls as they practice around two hours in grueling heat. Most players agree that Mamitt’s practices are more challenging than ones in the past, but also understand that through these practices, they will become stronger players.

“I want work on keeping the ball in more consistently,” junior Anya Nicolaides said, “and also being more accurate with my serves.”

With Mamitt’s help, the girls have been able to recognize their weaknesses and fix them. She is determined to help each individual become a better player for this season. The team is constantly learning new skills from both the coach and each other.

“We have many new faces on the varsity team ,” sophomore Molly Round said, “I am excited to get to know all of them.”

This years roster is unique as it includes no seniors and seven new, talented athletes. However, leadership will come from returners such as sophomore Molly Round, junior Jessica Chang, junior Ashley Huang, and junior Anya Nicolaides. These players will use their previous experience to aid new teammates complexity of varsity competition.

The varsity team was dominant last year, earning second place out of six. However, the girls are still aware that the Rio Hondo League will be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

“San Marino and La Cañada are going to be our toughest opponents” junior Phoebe Moffett said.

The hard work that they has been putting in throughout the summer will prepare the team for the challenging season that lies ahead of them. With eight more non-league games and vigorous practices during off days, the girls will be ready challenge any Rio Hondo League opponent.