Season Preview: Boys’ golf looks to younger players for leadership

By Kevin Park

Staff Writer

When a sports team struggles the previous year, it seems as if the only way to be competitive again the next year the team must overcome a surplus of adversity. The boys’ varsity golf team seem to be in that position. Coming off a mediocre season last year, the Tigers seem to have more questions that still need be answered.

The main question is who will step in and replace the seniors who have left? The team has an answer: freshman Josh Ramos. Although, the team lost graduates Robert Lee and Christian Cotaya, Ramos’s past performances give us reason to believe that he might be the answer to the Tiger’s struggle in league. In his first two games with the Tigers, Ramos put up strokes such as 37 and 35, leading the team in every game so far.

“Josh’s experience and skill has really allowed the team to have confidence going into our matches. With him on the team in encourages us to move forward and perform at our best abilities,” junior team captain Andrew Son said.

With only one practice a week, it will be hard for the Boys to improve together, but the team is sure that they will work on their game individually. Also, the roster does not seem completely definitive as it is still early in the season. The Tigers do contain some experienced juniors such as Son, Elliott Lee and Matthew Wright who will have to take the lead in the absence of a senior mentor.

The past is in the past, but let’s take a look into it. Last year, the Tigers won about three league games and failed to qualify for Team CIF or Individual CIF. South Pas players often missed season games because of reasons we do not know. But, it just goes to show that last year’s golf squad may have not had their heads in the game.

However, it is new year and it will be interesting to see how the Tigers improve this season or do not.
“We are a young team. No seniors. We have a very promising top four. A lot of potential. It’s early in the season so it will be fun to see what we can make out of our team,” Wright said. “Our expectations are to make team CIF. Which includes being top 3 in league. What will give us an edge over other teams is our determination and our competitive spirit.”