SAC Assembly blends promotion with talent

By Jung Su Park

Staff Writer

Commissioner of Assemblies Ryan Chase led the Associated Student Body and hosted the annual SAC assembly last Friday. Chase included skits and live performances by Pep in an attempt to promote interest in purchasing SAC cards.

The Student Activities Card (SAC) discounts ticket prices for sports games and dances. The card also reduces the price of yearbooks and other school wide activities.

In addition to the performances, ASB videographer Benny Feldmann showcased videos, which impressed many students such as junior Jacob Benowitz.

“I think the most notable feature of the assembly was the videos,” Benowitz said. “They were an effective way to promote the Student Activities Card and gave a good laugh to the student body. The special effects and editing skills were amazing.”

Junior Helen Yang will buy a SAC card thanks to the promotion from the assembly.

“The assembly persuaded me to buy the card, as I learned that it is actually worth the price. I wasn’t so much involved in my first two years at the high school, but in this year, I plan to enjoy school activities at a cheaper price through the SAC card,” junior Helen Yang said.

The SAC card can be purchased at the student bank for $50, and replacements are $5.