Player Profile: Emiliano Sornoso

By Ryan Nakamura
Staff Writer

It’s hard to miss senior Emiliano Sornoso on the field when it comes to South Pasadena football.

As a captain, Sornoso led the Tigers to an 8-3 season and played an integral part in the team’s ability to make playoffs for the first time in 12 years. His versatility ranges between defensive back, running back and wide receiver, his senior year campaign producing five interceptions and 15 tackles.

“He’s a really charismatic and genuine person,” senior co-captain Michael Partida said. “Everybody loves him and he has a great work ethic and I really admire him.”

Sornoso began playing football after hearing his father’s stories of his experience playing sports in high school. Participating in the sport for four years, Sornoso has proven to be an integral part of the Tigers’ squad, netting 333 yards from scrimmage along with three touchdowns this season.

One of Sornoso’s achievements in football was making the team’s prestigious Tiger Black Shirt level of excellence. The Black Shirt level is the highest ranking given to any player on the team, requiring both their best performance on the field and in the classroom. Only six players in the past five seasons have achieved such a feat.

“He is a true leader, one of the toughest players on the team and sets the tone for the team for toughness and staying strong,” varsity football coach CB Richards said. “He gets the most out of everything he has and I am proud to coach him.”

Although undecided where to apply to, Sornoso hopes to continue his football career into college. After football season ends, Sornoso continues his athletic progression to varsity wrestling in the winter season.

“My teammates push and motivate me to do better for the whole team [and] I’m going to miss just being able to see them and practice with them everyday.” Sornoso said.